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021 – 5 reasons to offer free headshots at your booth at a convention or a trade show to draw a crowd, plus five bonus tips.

021 – 5 reasons to offer free headshots at your booth at a convention or a trade show to draw a crowd, plus five bonus tips.

In this episode of Capturing Brilliance, host Peter Szpakowski discusses the benefits of offering free headshots at a booth during conventions or trade shows. The five reasons to consider this strategy are:

Attracting a Larger Crowd:

Offering free headshots draws people to your booth and increases foot traffic.

Building Relationships

Providing headshots creates opportunities for meaningful interactions and potential collaborations.

Showcasing Your Expertise

Showcasing Your Expertise: Offering professional headshots demonstrates your company’s willingness to help and showcases your skills.

Amplifying Brand Awareness

The free headshots become walking advertisements when attendees share them on social media, increasing brand visibility.

Establishing Long-Term Connections

Gathering contact information from interested individuals allows for follow-ups and nurturing long-term connections.

The episode also provides additional tips, such as having a professional setup, promoting the giveaway in advance, customizing headshots with the company’s logo, and offering extra perks to participants. By offering an experience and a high-quality end product, businesses can set themselves apart from the competition and leave a lasting impression on attendees.

Listeners are encouraged to subscribe for more valuable content and to share the podcast with others who may benefit from professional headshots or offering headshot booths at events. The next episode will explore why professional headshots are displayed at booths during conventions or trade shows.

Transcript for 5 reasons to offer free headshots at your booth at a convention or a trade show to draw a crowd, plus five bonus tips

Capturing Brilliance Episode 021 –  5 reasons to offer free headshots at your booth at a convention or a trade show to draw a crowd, plus five bonus tips. That’s the topic we are covering today, and you want to take advantage of this one. I’ve never seen anything work better than offering free headshots at a convention or trade show booth. Those reasons and tips are coming up next on Capturing Brilliance.

Well, hello, everyone, and welcome to Capturing Brilliance. My name is Peter Szpakowski, and I am your host. Yes, I changed the name of the show. I renamed the podcast Capturing Brilliance because this show is about branding by using photography and videography to take your personal and professional brand to the next level. If you are using photography and videography to promote your brand, that is brilliant. What better way? I have been a branding specialist for over 15 years. For those 15 years, I have been a professional photographer and videographer. I travel around the country taking professional headshots, professional event photography, and professional video of individuals and businesses that promote business and careers. This podcast focuses on a business owner, entrepreneur, or even someone looking to enhance their career, life, and place through branding. For most of us today, people’s first impression of you is through an image or video. Making a great first impression can change your life and business. This podcast is tailor-made for you. In each episode, we’ll uncover the strategies and techniques behind building a solid, influential brand that resonates with your target audience. 

I want this to be a podcast that can help people with their branding. How to use branding, where to get branding, and the best media for different types of branding. If you have a question for the podcast, you can submit those by going to is my main picture. If you have a question or are interested in any of our services, going to either of these sites will get you the information you need to submit a question or request a service. That website again is

Today we have a fantastic topic to discuss: the benefits of offering free headshots at your booth as a giveaway. I travel around the country taking headshots for businesses. In this digital age, a captivating headshot can make all the difference. So, let’s dive in and explore five compelling reasons for considering this innovative strategy.

Reason number one: Attracting a Larger Crowd. Picture this: you’re at a crowded trade show or conference, and your booth stands out amidst the sea of booths. How? By offering free headshots! People are naturally drawn to freebies, especially when they provide tangible value. By providing professional headshots at your booth, you create an opportunity for attendees to improve their brand and online presence. This unique offering will pique their interest and increase foot traffic to your booth. There are two things people like more than any other giveaway. Give them something with their name on it, or give them an image they can use of themselves as a promotional item for them in their online presence.  

(Talk about working conventions and what I have seen draw a crowd. We even talked about how people got mad around us because we were building such a large crowd, and the crowd was blocking their booths.

Reason number two: Building Relationships. In the business world, making connections is vital. By offering free headshots, you create an engaging environment where people can interact with your brand meaningfully. As individuals come to your booth for their headshot, you can start conversations, learn about their interests, and establish a personal connection. These interactions lay the foundation for future collaborations, partnerships, or potential clients. Remember, relationships are vital in building a successful business!

Reason number three: Showcasing Your Expertise. You position yourself as a company that genuinely wants to help people when you offer free headshots at your booth. People will trust your skills and professionalism as they entrust you with their image. This is an excellent opportunity to showcase your expertise. Talk to the people in your booth and Take this chance to impress attendees with your knowledge, creativity, and attention to detail. By offering a top-notch experience, you’ll leave a lasting impression on potential customers. Will people remember the booth that gave away free pens or even a $20 Amazon gift card? Not really. Will they remember who gave them a free headshot? They will use something daily for the next 2 – 3 years. You bet. What other gift can you give away at a trade show where people will remember you 2 – 3 years after it ends? For most of these headshots, you can add your logo. People can easily crop that portion out when they use it for their profile picture on social media like LinkedIn. Still, they will have the original image for years to come.

Reason number four: Amplifying Brand Awareness. A giveaway like free headshots can generate a buzz around your brand. As attendees leave your booth with professional headshots, they become walking advertisements. They may share their headshots on social media, tag your brand, and spread the word about their unique experience at your booth. This organic exposure can significantly increase brand visibility and attract new customers looking for Your services by seeing these images; not even most will have attended the convention. Does a pen do that for you? No. Absolutely not.

Reason number five: Establishing Long-Term Connections. The value of free headshots extends beyond the initial interaction at your booth. This service lets you gather contact information from interested individuals, such as email addresses or social media handles. You can then follow up with them, providing additional value through newsletters, special offers, or resources related to photography or your business niche. 

Talk about how I capture CRM data with the person’s image, and I collect this info for the clients that hire me to offer a headshot booth at their booth at the convention.

These touchpoints nurture long-term connections and keep your brand in mind when they require services in the future.

So, there you have it, folks – five compelling reasons why offering free headshots at your booth as a giveaway can significantly benefit your business. By attracting a larger crowd, building relationships, showcasing your expertise, amplifying brand awareness, and establishing long-term connections, you’re creating a win-win situation for both you and the attendees.

Before we wrap up today’s episode, I want to share a few additional tips and considerations when offering free headshots at your booth as a giveaway.

First, ensure that you have a professional setup at your booth. Invest in quality equipment and create a designated space that exudes professionalism. This will not only enhance the experience for the attendees but also reflect positively on your brand.

Second, promote your free headshot giveaway in advance. Use social media, email marketing, and other channels to create buzz and generate interest before the event. Let potential attendees know about this valuable opportunity, and consider creating a schedule or booking system to manage the flow of participants.

Third, leverage the power of branding. Customize the headshots with your company’s logo or a watermark. This increases brand visibility and ensures that people are reminded of your business and their positive experience at your booth whenever they see the headshot.

Host: Fourth, consider offering additional perks or incentives. For example, you can provide a digital copy of the headshot and a discount or special offer for your services. This adds extra value and encourages attendees to take advantage of the offer while building a relationship with your brand.

Follow up with the individuals who received the free headshots. Send them a personalized thank-you email and any additional resources or information relevant to their needs. This thoughtful gesture will leave a lasting impression and increase the chances of them becoming loyal customers or referring others to your business.

Offering free headshots at your booth is more than just taking a picture. It’s about creating an experience, building connections, and showcasing your expertise. So, take that extra step to provide a valuable service that sets you apart from the competition. Remember, the price difference is not that great between buying cheap crappy swag or offering an experience, a high-quality professional end product that people will remember for many years and share the experience with others.

That brings us to the end of today’s episode. I hope you enjoyed exploring the benefits of offering free headshots at your booth as a giveaway. Remember, you can significantly impact your business by attracting a larger crowd, building relationships, showcasing your expertise, amplifying brand awareness, and establishing long-term connections.

Host: Stay tuned for our next episode, where we’ll dive into more exciting strategies to boost your business. Next week’s episode is about why you should display your professional headshots at your booth at a convention or trade show. 

If you found this podcast helpful, hit that subscribe button below for more valuable content. Share the show with anybody who would benefit from a professional headshot or offer a headshot booth at your next convention, seminar, or trade show. And if you’re ready to take the first step in unleashing your potential, click the link in the description to book a professional headshot session today. I travel to corporate locations across the United States, including conventions and trade shows. 

Thank you for joining me today, and remember, a powerful first impression can change your life.


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