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Providing Event Photography Services!

Are you in need of an event photographer services for your upcoming event? Whether it’s a conference, convention, trade show, or even a wedding reception, we excel in capturing the essence of your special occasion. Our team specializes in seizing candid moments, providing headshot and portrait sessions in our Headshot/Portrait booth, and implementing effective marketing strategies to showcase your event.

Headshot Booths

Provide guests or potential clients with instant professional headshots via phone/email.

Portrait Booths

Offer professional portraits to guests and potential clients, especially for weddings.

AI Photo Delivery

Guests register through a phone, and when we capture an image of the guest during your event, AI recognizes them and delivers a message they have been spotted.

We Walk Your Event

During your event, our photographers will be present to capture the special moments that you can cherish for a lifetime.

Mobile Delivery

Your event images can be delivered to attendees through various channels, such as mobile devices or email.

Capture CRM

As guests or potential clients register, we can collect valuable CRM data and provide it to you

Event Photographer

2mm Studios and 2mm Headshots are your large group specialists! From 2 to 500+ participants we have you covered with Best-In-Class Service.

Take your event to the next level and get people starting conversations around their images.

We offer roaming photographers, headshot booths, portrait booths, and video services too!

Event Photography Dallas

Event Photographer

For your special occasion, we provide the choice of one or more photographers for event photography. Our “Spot My Photo” technology is an innovative feature that enables guests to receive instant images when they are spotted in a photo, taking your event to the next level. Guest can also share on their social media platform.

corporate event photographer

Daily Image Highlights To Share and Post To Social Media

Our team will select the day’s top images and compile them into a gallery for you to share on your social media platform.

Photography Training and Products

We make sure to provide each guest with a gallery of the images they were captured in. Furthermore, we can also offer a platform for guests to view and download either all the images or a selection of images handpicked by you.

It’s Magic!

Instant Event Photos!

No matter where we take a photo of your guests, they will be notified when we capture a moment at your event. Check out the video to learn more.

Dallas Headshot Photographer

It was amazing having images. Delivered to my phone. Even if I was in the background or in a large crowd. The system recognized me almost immediately. 😍

— Tyler, Event Services

Group and Event Professional Photographer
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Business Event Photographer

Event Photographer and Event Headshots

Professional Headshots / Business Headshots / LinkedIn Headshots

Elevate your company’s event with professional headshots! Capture the essence of your team’s professionalism and individuality with Business Headshots / LinkedIn Headshots in Dallas. As a traveling photographer with a state-of-the-art studio, I bring the same quality and attention to detail as my North Richland Hills location. Showcase your commitment to excellence with consistent branding through expertly crafted and personalized headshots. Make a lasting impression on your competition by investing in professional headshots that reflect your team’s image. Take your headshot branding to the next level today!

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Capture Your Convention With Photos


Event Photography / Professional Headshots / Convention Headshot Booth

Make your event unforgettable with customized convention photos that capture its unique essence. Say goodbye to useless freebies and hello to high-quality pictures that make your potential customers, clients, and employees look their best. Our stunning images showcase the spirit of your event and can even incorporate your logo for a personalized touch. Give your customers a memorable experience they’ll treasure forever. Don’t settle for mediocre souvenirs – choose our exceptional convention photos today!

Interview Style Video Production


Professional Videographer / Film Maker

Enhance your event, corporate shoot, or convention with our exclusive video production add-on. Whether it’s a captivating promotional video for your event or a powerful social media marketing tool for your business, we’ve got you covered. Professionals like Chiropractors and Dentists rave about this option. Maximize your presence and delegate the action by adding an extra day of video production.

Headshot Booth for Your event, Portrait Booth for your event, trade show headshot booth, conference headshot booth, booth for your conference offering headshots
Headshot and Portrait Booth For Your Event

Headshot Booth / Portrait Booth

Event Photography / Conference Photography

If you want to create an unforgettable event, our booths are the perfect place for gathering, having fun, and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Our booths offer an experience that is second to none, whether it’s at an event, convention, or your own office. Attendees have praised our booths as the highlight of their conferences, as evidenced by rave reviews on event surveys. With the Headshot Booth, you’re promoting a service and creating an unforgettable event that people will cherish for a long time.

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